Plants Make Work Happy

Your work is complicated. You get up and spend a bunch of hours staring at a computer screen, creating documents, editing manuscripts, or none of those things trying to turn your time into tofu bacon you can bring home and drop in a metaphorical pan. Sterile work spaces make concentrating on our daily tasks more difficult. But studies show that just by adding some greenery to your work space productivity, positivity, and overall wellness can be increased.

There are several different kinds of interior plants you can add to your space depending on the conditions. Some plants will require more light than others and some plants will need more water than others. Before you bring a plant into your space make sure you are familiar with these requirements. Keeping your plant healthy and alive is important for keeping your work space happy.img_1569Bird’s Nest Fern – Asplenium nidus

General Requirements

medium to high light

keep soil moist


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