Q: Why is my plant dying?

A: There a several reasons why your plant may be in distress. The most common being under watering or over watering. Sometimes it could be a common plant disease. Some can be treated with regular care and maintenance. Others cannot be treated and your plant may need to be replaced.

Q: What does a yellow leaf on my plant mean?

A: A yellow leaf could be a sign that your plant is being over watered. It could also just be an old leaf completing it’s cycle of life.

Q: What does a brown dry leaf on my plant mean?

A: A brown, dry leaf on your plant is a sign that is not getting enough water.

Q: Should I pour my excess water bottle into my plant?

A: If your plant is on a regular maintenance schedule, pouring excess water into it could cause it some stress. If it is not, check the soil before adding water to make sure it hasn’t already been watered. 

Q: How much light does my plant need?

A: That depends on the type of plant you have. Plants are unique and have different light requirements. Make sure you know what kind of light your plant needs before you consider where to place it.